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The B-Pillar Finisher is the interior trim garnish piece that covers the B-Pillar. It is held in by one snap on the bottom (which clips into a bracket that's part of the top of the door panel) and a screw on top (accessed through the circular cover from the outside, once the window is rolled down).


There are four different versions of the B-Pillar trim:
  • Early Style Coupe (80902-30P00 and 80903-30P00, both No Longer Available)
  • Early Style 2+2 (80902-32P00 [NLA] and 80903-32P00)
  • Late Style Coupe (80902-40P00 and 80903-40P00)
  • Late Style 2+2 (80902-42P00 and 80903-43P00)

Left: New style finisher. Right: Old Style Finisher.

While the early style finishers are no longer available, they can be made to fit by trimming the lower piece and drilling a hole for the seatbelt.

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