12/12/11: A note on Membership

Hey guys, I just wanted to point something out about how membership works on this wiki. When you request to "join" this wiki, it's not like joining a forum, where you need membership to gain access to pictures or posts. Requesting membership on this wiki is requesting to become an organizer, as in, someone who edits and adds to this wiki. I generally accept all requests (with few exceptions), but I just wanted to let everyone know that it's really not necessary to join this wiki if all you're after is the information contained within. All pages are visible by ANYONE, no logins required. So if you're just looking for help with your car, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you won't gain anything by registering!

9/23/11: Some statistics~

I thought you guys might be interested in seeing some statistics for this wiki lately.

Top 15 pages by pageviews (August numbers):
Vacuum Diagrams - 215
Boost Controller - 240
Wastegate - 215
ECU Diagnostics - 205
Chassis Differences - 197
Cylinder Head - 187
Ignition Timing - 182
Fuel Pressure Regulator - 179
Fuel Pump - 178
Air Conditioning System - 167

I can see where your priorities are... boost controller and wastegate above ECU diagnostics and well above air conditioning ;)

Additionally, the wiki is seeing about 100-150 unique visitors per day, sometimes spiking as high as 400 unique visitors, with about 300 pageviews a day. This basically means most people hop over here, find the article they're looking for, and leave. Is that a good thing? I dunno.

Finally, the top four countries visiting are:
United States - 73%
Canada - 7%
Great Britain - 4%
Australia - 4%
The remaining 12% being made up of dozens of countries, each carrying a percentage under 1%.

Of course I don't make any money off the wiki or anything, but it's good to know you guys are using it! Feel free to click Discussion on the left if you have any suggestions!

8/2/11: Air Conditioning!!!

It's been a while since I've posted any updates, but I've been chugging along on the wiki working on new content! The biggest of which is the new and complete Air Conditioning System section. We've also been given our own forum over at ProjectZ32, which can be used to discuss suggestions, error corrections, etc. Finally, I updated the page guidelines article, making it into a comprehensive guide to organizing and editing this wiki for aspiring organizers <3.

6/22/11: Ready for Summer?

It's getting quite hot lately. It was 113°F here in Tempe, today. But don't let that stop you from enjoying the Z32! Learn all about keeping your engine nice and cool in the new, comprehensive Cooling System section and get under your hood to get things perfect!...preferably in a spot of shade!

6/17/11: Buzz Buzz

I've added a bunch more content, mostly regarding the removal of the intake manifold and its associated jobs. As you may have noticed (if you've been here before), the front page also received a slight redesign, which brought on some new articles like the Buyer's Guide. Oh yeah, and the entire wiki got a minor face-lift. Mostly just some different colors, in addition to the new banner... did I mention I love doing pixel art?

6/7/11: More Articles

I've been busy adding content! Check out some of the pages regarding Camshafts and Variable Timing Control, for a few. There are a few more (fuel components etc) and some minor changes to various pages, too.

6/1/11: Revised Categories Lists

I've added Categories pages which automagically lists all articles to their respective topics. These dedicated pages allow you to view all How-To Guides, or all articles about the Fuel System, for example. When viewing an article, there will also be a "Related Articles" section at the bottom with links to categories the article falls in, allowing you to "dig through" the wiki in that classic free-time-sucking Wikipedia style.