The Radiator is the primary cooling device in the Z32's cooling system.

A 2-row stock replacement NA radiator by Koyo.


There are four versions different radiators sold on the Z32 in the US. The NA radiator's end-tanks were on the top and bottom. The TT radiators were taller and narrower, and had end-tanks on the sides. The difference in shape was to compensate for the intercooler piping on TT models. Cars with automatic transmissions also had integrated transmission coolers.
The main inlet and outlets on all Z32 radiators are 44mm in diameter.

Manual Transmission
Automatic Transmission
(Includes integrated transmission cooler)
Twin Turbo
(Includes integrated transmission cooler)
Twin Turbo (Euro)
(Thicker, higher fin density)
(Thicker, higher fin density, integrated transmission cooler
and integrated power steering cooler)


The radiator operates by circulating coolant through it while air passes over it. Coolant enters one side of the radiator and passes through narrow passageways which connect each end-tank. These passageways have fins attached to the outside to act as heat sinks. As coolant flows through the passages, air passes over the outside, and the heat from the coolant is transferred to the passing air. When the coolant reaches the other end tank, its temperature is lower than the side from which it entered.
On the Z32, coolant enters the radiator through the port on the top-right, and exits through the port on the bottom-left.

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